Rudolph A. McCormick

Web Search Professionals Gains Momentum
A strategic partnership with another digital giant will put Web Search Professionals in position to win for small business.

Milwaukee-WI: McCormick Holdings, LLC today announced its partnership with GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC. This milestone is a major move for Rudy McCormick and his Web Search Professionals organization on its mission to gain digital marketing clients in the small business space.

“We drive hardest when the chips are down, and that means investing in digital marketing when the small to mid-sized business needs us most,” says Rudolph A. McCormick General Member at McCormick Holdings, LLC.

“Being able to offer another level of service at an extremely low cost will make small business be able to compete again in a growing local market.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

• Formation of McCormick Holdings, LLC to ensure proper growth.
• A growing list of marketing certifications in the most technical of fields, like marketing automation, e-commerce, website development, and data aggregation.
• Development and Launch of a local business listings tool which provides consistent website and business data across all local portals, news sites, and directories.

To learn more about how Web Search Pros markets local business, click here.

About Web Search Professionals: Web Search Professionals has been a small boutique agency for many years in the Wisconsin area. The way we work has changed, but we have always maintained a good eye on the digital environment. We change people’s lives by offering digital marketing solutions that give them tools to grow.