I’ll guide you and train your team on strategy and execution of digital technologies and marketing funnels.

Hourly Consulting Packages Available $125/hr

I do the work and/or I train your team and provide strategic advice.

Digital marketing consulting services

Digital marketing consulting services, including project management in the area of web user experience design, graphic design, and brand cohesion. Web Development with the user in mind. We utilize web programmers and front end web specialists from around the world to provide the highest level of expertise at the lowest possible cost.

Ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you we do the job for much less than the typical agency.

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Search Engine Optimization, herein known as SEO, of your most important content will drive your website traffic and conversion rate upward. Getting the right people to find you is a matter of proper writing technique, frequency, and content type. It’s also a matter of getting reviews, back links, and other votes for your website’s authority in Google. Why is Google so important? The first result in Google gets the lions share of the qualified and targeted web traffic that leads to contacts and purchase. Our team will research, optimize, and train your marketing professionals in the tactics of SEO professionals.

You’ve found the professionals who can lead your SEO Strategy and propel your marketing team with digital marketing consulting services.

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Paid search can yield the highest return on investment and conversion rate in your marketing mix if set up and managed correctly. Many firms get paid based on the spend that you make. We are a little different, we have a return on investment model which allows you to become profitable quickly and economically. We will provide you a no cost estimate on paid search potential in your marketing mix. This takes a little research and we will not take on a new client unless we see potential for profitability in this channel.

The wrong paid search strategy can cost you thousands of dollars a month, while a good strategy will produce ROI in the area of 10 to 1.

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