Local Business Listings for Dental Practice and Attorney Practices

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Local business listings offer a multitude of invaluable benefits to dental and attorney practices, propelling them towards unrivaled success in their respective domains. By claiming and optimizing their listings on popular platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing Places, these practices gain unparalleled visibility in local search results, enabling them to attract and engage potential clients effortlessly. With accurate and up-to-date business information readily available, potential patients and clients can easily find essential details, such as contact information, operating hours, and directions, fostering trust and accessibility. Moreover, positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients, prominently featured in these listings, establish a compelling reputation, bolstering credibility and swaying prospective customers in their favor. Embracing local business listings empowers dental and attorney practices to dominate their local markets, reach a vast audience, and forge enduring connections with the community they serve.

Dental Marketing for $199

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What you will get:

1. Editorial Calender – We’ll create a 12 month social, blog, and video calender for you to execute.

2. 3 SEO Optimized Social Posts per week to the platforms you have or we’ll set up new accounts for you. (new accounts are part of the set up fee)

3. 1 AI generated video per month on the topic we have in the calendar

4. 2 blog posts per month – SEO Optimized posts of no less than 1500 words. (gauranteed to boost your SEO)

5. Management of your Local Business Listing data across all platforms. (yahoo, bing, google, and search/maps sites)

  • All this for $199/mos

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