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Digital Marketing Technology Consulting?

Digital marketing technology consulting focused on creating digital experiences, optimizing the UX for the guest,  and drive revenue for the business. I’ll show you how to partner with marketing analytics teams to glean actionable insights on consumer behavior. We will create and manage UX testing to deliver on the company’s digital expectations, quickly analyze data, and identify ways to optimize your digital marketing performance. When you work with us, we provide every aspect of your digital experience including IT and website hosting.

Marketing Technology Consulting

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I love to research tools, workflows, and process. As I find cool things to write about in digital marketing technology consulting, it’s going here. Please enjoy and share if you like the content. Thanks ~Rudy

Guide to Marketing Automation Terminology

January 1st, 2019|

This guide to marketing automation terminology is actually content created by automation provider Sharp Spring While I've edited this content to be unique, I'd like [...]

Martech Manifesto

March 23rd, 2018|

Marketing. Technology. Management.  CREDIT and CITATION: The creative. The nerd. The suit. Three different disciplines. Three different domains. Three different clichés. Divided by decades [...]

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